Wed Apr 19 2023

Dunk Low Panda: From Years of Instant Sell Outs to Retail Availability - An In-Depth Look

Dunk Low Panda: From Years of Instant Sell Outs to Retail Availability - An In-Depth Look
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After two long years of ceaseless restocks and instantaneous sellouts, the highly sought-after Dunk Low Panda or Dunk Low Black/White is finally available to buy for retail. This iconic sneaker, which has been the object of desire for countless sneaker enthusiasts, has transitioned from a rare and elusive grail to a readily accessible staple. But what factors have contributed to this shift in the sneaker landscape? Let's dive into the reasons behind the Dunk Low Panda's journey to retail availability.

The Background of the Dunk Low Panda

The Dunk Low Panda, with its clean black and white colorway, has been a popular choice for sneakerheads since its initial release. Despite multiple restocks, the demand for this classic design has always exceeded supply, leading to the frustrating experience of watching restocks sell out in mere seconds.

Initially, the resale value of the sneaker soared to heights of £250-300, but as time passed, the prices settled around £200 for a period. Nevertheless, since mid-last year, the Panda Dunk has experienced a consistent decline in value, ultimately reaching its current price range of £110-120.


The Demand-Supply Equation

One of the primary reasons for the Dunk Low Panda's sudden availability is a change in the demand-supply equation. Over the past two years, Nike has ramped up production, increasing the number of available pairs to meet the growing demand. The Dunk Low Panda has been restocked regularly, with drops occurring at least once a month. Each release introduces hundreds of thousands of new pairs into the market, significantly expanding its availability. This increase in supply has, in turn, led to the sneaker becoming more accessible to the average consumer.

Waning Hype

The Dunk hype, which had been steadily growing since 2019, has gradually started to wane. Initially, the sneaker's popularity was fueled by Nike's strategic relaunch of the vintage model, with infrequent releases and limited quantities that generated buzz and excitement. However, as Dunks have become a staple in the streetwear scene, with more frequent releases and larger stock levels, consumers have started to grow bored with the once-trendy sneaker. As a result, people are now shifting their attention to other, more novel sneaker styles, further contributing to the diminished demand for Dunks in the market.

Alternative Dunk Colourways

Nike has also been introducing a multitude of alternative Dunk colors, further diversifying the options available to consumers. With new and unique colorways being released frequently, sneaker enthusiasts no longer feel the need to specifically target the Panda Dunk. This wealth of alternative options ultimately reduces the demand for the Panda Dunk, as consumers are now more likely to find other appealing styles that align with their preferences.


The journey of the Dunk Low Panda from a perpetually sold-out sneaker to a retail-available staple serves as an interesting case study in the world of sneakers. Factors such as increased production, waning hype and market saturation have contributed to this shift. While the Dunk Low Panda may no longer be the exclusive grail it once was, its retail availability has opened the door for more sneaker enthusiasts to enjoy this iconic design.

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